The company’s focus is on partnership. We do not impose a standard product on your business. We constantly develop our understanding of your business activities and how your organization works so that we can offer the best possible software solutions that fit your daily business needs. Experience and vision for your business and integrate our expertise in technology solutions to reach the most suitable solutions for your daily business that need to be software solutions that reflect the needs of your organization.

We provide our clients with services and consulting:

The most important thing we develop on a daily basis is the productivity of our research and development team to reduce the cost of information technology for our customers, as modern and advanced companies need to respond to the ever-changing market requirements and always remain on the right technical wave for current and future market demands and long-term achievements. We at EPL House have the best experiences, information and innovations that help us understand how to manage the services and their organizational structure. Our experts deal with the resources of your industry and business, point by minute detail that does not take much time to improve performance and help you achieve your business goals.

EPL House provides complete solutions in the field of professional services to help you design, implement, maintain, monitor and improve your technology products using our own service products.

• For us it means providing excellence through our knowledge and experience
EPL House is a leader in IT services and banking solutions. We partner with our clients to simplify, develop and convert services that support their business. We guarantee the levels of technical and consultants through deep commitment, comprehensive industry experience and an international network of innovation, research and implementation teams.
Our approach is that we give ourselves time to understand customer needs carefully to analyze where they are now and what they want to be in the future. Through our experience we can help you identify improvements that can be made.

Our services

  • Design and planning services: By partnering with EPL House consultants, the company is engaged in risk analysis and implementation. The aim is to design and create an ideal structure and a detailed operational plan for the project that addresses operational risks in accordance with industry-leading change management methodologies to put this structure into production.
  • Implementation Services: We are able to install, configure and operate your high value investment products as efficiently as possible. Our service also provides periodic product reviews and accurate follow-up in building to suit the operational needs of your unique area.
  • Performance Improvement Services: One of EPL House’s fundamentals is to improve the performance of the products it offers to its customers, to provide the product and expand that improvement, and to increase the safety measure for your investment. Our consultants allow you to provide more features for our advanced products such as application tuning and caching.
  • Promotion and Progress Services: EPL House professional and talented experts have the latest techniques to benefit their customers better from the services supported by the company. Our consultants work on planning and implementing product upgrades to new releases and platforms in collaboration with your resources and management.
  • Services of design audit and verification of the accuracy of their performance: We can give you sound opinions about the structure, performance, functions and designs of the products we offer by our technical and technical experts EPL House. As for the accuracy of design and verification, EPL House consultants examine each aspect of your hardware, software and release information, as well as the core components and components, closely linking the environment of your domain with our product, in exchange for helping you achieve your business objectives.
  • Application Customization Services: We make a backup of your applications during and after the implementation of the application in order to get you the most out of that application. EPL House consultants review your business objectives and requirements first hand to provide a comprehensive allocation plan for your area and help you implement this plan.

Financial Services

EPL House serves financial institutions, banks and exchanges to help accelerate and advance their journey towards innovation and banking knowledge, and to set the stage for broader technological fields to ensure that strategic objectives are met.

  •  Categories of financial services

There are many different solutions that any company can choose to implement. Most of them are located somewhere based on communication between the best breeds (a program that excels or specializes in a specific job) and a full range of products (designed to act as a comprehensive solution in all businesses). Your needs will be largely determined by the types of monopolistic systems you already own, the extent of implementation (one branch, the regional network, global projects) and your specific element, whether in banking, insurance, investment, brokerage, or So accounting. Here are some of the most common types of software used by financial services companies:

  • Financial Services CRM

Common features of the CRM software:

  • Connect to databases.
  • Management of financial accounts.
  • Managing leadership and opportunities.
  • Sales Pipelines.
  • Quote Price.
  • Programmable workflow.
  • Verification (Know Your Customer).
  • Invoices.
  • Calendars and scheduling.
  • Automatic alerts and notifications.
  • Official Records Department.
  • Collaboration tools (internal messaging, news feeds, etc).
  • Mobile applications or mobile compatibility.
  • Automated marketing:

Common Features of Automated Marketing Software Financial Services:

  • Leading management.
  • Email campaigns.
  • marketing drip.
  • Social marketing.
  • Landing pages and web forms.
  • SEO tools.
  • A / B test.
  • Link tracking.
  • Reports and analysi.

Intelligent business system:

Smart business software is typically associated with an existing system – such as CRM, marketing automation, or even ERP – and uses analytical tools to transform raw data into actionable insights that affect a number of key business areas, including sales strategies, customer retention, employee performance and analysis the campaign. BI tools outperform the larger trends in your customer base or workforce, but they can also work on a more detailed level. For example, you can monitor financial accounts to find opportunities for selling and selling, or to identify risk signals for a trip (such as transferring funds to another institution).

Common Features of Smart Business Software:

  • Mining data.
  • Modeling relationships.
  • Predictive analyzes.
  • Real-time reporting and automatic notifications.
  • Tracking the KPI / Performance Manager.
  • What if?
  • Data visualization tools.
  • Data governance (de-duplication, disinfection, etc.).

Enterprise financial services solutions

Based on the resource you choose, the program we have discussed so far can provide comprehensive functionality and adequate integration to handle most aspects of financial services management. But some companies (especially those with large office networks, even global access) may prefer a one-in-one solution – something that can handle every aspect of the job from boring back office tasks to project planning tools.

Some companies may decide to purchase an ERP system, which usually covers HR, HR, financial management, procurement, business intelligence, global business management and other functions, depending on the provider
Another approach is to work with a large industry vendor (such as Oracle or IBM) to create a customized financial services system from the ground up. These great suppliers often have access to partner developer networks that can create programs on an existing platform to meet the specific needs of your brand, operations, and business model. The obvious advantage of this approach is that you have exactly what you need, but customized solutions are too expensive and can take several months or more to implement. That’s why many companies decide to work with pre-packaged solutions.

Potential features / features of enterprise-specific financial services programs:

  • Closer integration with financial accounts
  • Establishes a unified business management system and back office software
  • Customized to fit the size and unique requirements of your company (customer requirements, industry regulations, product portfolio structures)
  • The financial services program provides “white labeling” to a non-governmental company, but is an exclusive property of the programs.

Programs that support these functions can give companies a strong edge over competitors who still rely on legacy infrastructure, such as home systems, spreadsheets, legacy software, or paperwork. Financial Services Solutions should help agents deliver superior customer service and build successful sales and marketing strategies while maintaining close integration with financial and back office systems.

At EPL House, we help companies connect with the best technologies to meet their needs. We’ve collected product information, reviews, case studies, feature lists, videos, and research articles on hundreds of leading IT solutions to make your purchase more visible to decision makers like you.

If you’re interested in any of the financial services systems listed here, we’d love to talk to you. Contact one of our specialists for a free consultation or use the contact form on our website to get a personalized recommendation in seconds.

Managed Services:

Managed services allow you to download the burden of specific IT operations to the service provider, known in the language of technology as a managed service provider (MSP). MSP has ongoing responsibility for day-to-day management and / or problem solving for IT systems and functions within your domain on your behalf.
MSPs can provide services such as alerts, security advice, patch management, data backup and recovery for different technology assets: laptops, workstations, servers, storage systems, networks, and software applications. Deactivating routine infrastructure management allows professional IT professionals to focus on managing your business or other IT functions, with fewer districts due to IT problems from non-core platforms. Managed services are usually priced on a subscription or amortization basis. Depending on the services consumed and the number of devices, at different prices packages at different prices. Some MSPs also offer fulfillment at the site when appropriate. At the top end of the spectrum, MSP offers fully managed services covering everything from alerts through problem solving.

What caused the fuss about managed services?

Companies are increasingly turning to services provided by MSPs to manage their technology and service needs as part of a collaborative arrangement with the IT department, according to new market research. The adoption of the technology-managed service has been relatively slow even though MSP has been around for a long time. Recent market researchers found that only 3 out of 10 companies have any of their technological services in the hands of MSP. On the other hand, more than two thirds of the business surveyed this year, admitted using technology services from an external provider within the past 12 months.

Technology-managed services have become more discriminating for large and medium-sized enterprises; they turn to this option to manage certain technical functions, particularly business applications, storage, backup, restore and data networking. Surveys show that while one-time projects represent some of the services consumed, a large part of them are ongoing management of one or more jobs by MSP.

  • Flexible service

Managed services provide extreme flexibility; a cost-effective business model that allows for rapid growth when necessary, or reduced cost when it needs to reduce unnecessary operational capabilities.

  • Close service

Managed technology services can be provided through a single “converged” provider, leading to improved cost for infrastructure and application functionality. There are additional productivity and efficiency benefits, such as remote home staff who have access to many IT assets used by headquarters staff.

Support Services:

Organizations, interests and organizations increasingly rely on EPL House support services because the company’s support services provide a range of functions, such as infrastructure and applications, that are appropriate and appropriate for their business. Our customers are aware of the value and benefit of working with a trusted team like us, who share your unique field and work. This is evident in achieving the highest levels of quality that support their work, measuring this quality and achieving it, and helping them reduce costs by simplifying and rationalizing existing suppliers. We provide high quality application structures and standards and provide standardized service methodologies to increase efficiency in performance.

When it comes to teamwork, we are the prettiest

As we know, keeping the best resources at hand is critical to the success of support services, and that is what distinguishes EPL House’s support services; In addition to the advantage of development of imports. We excel in maintaining an excellent team composition, constantly developing our skills over time and developing market needs as support is one of our core business objectives. We have processes and methods developed over decades to make sure our teams are the best in the long term.

Integration, equivalence and interdependence are the strongest of our team

The components of our service catalog are designed not only to improve the way you support your business but also to organize your services and needs. Our ability to integrate our products with your services is one of our strongest advantages, in addition to our extensive and global experience in projects, which ensures our customers access to services that help them and provide the productivity of their operations.