EPL House has built a reputation based on solid software, stellar implementations and incredible support. Our company motto: “Brilliant Performance in Financial Technology” comes from our long record of satisfied customers. We perform brilliantly, with straight-forward answers to your questions during the supplier selection process, with expertly and personally managed implementations through go-live, and with experienced support staff providing comprehensive training and answers to your questions for years of productive software utilization

EPL House is a software house specialized in financial, core banking and integrated mobile solutions, the company owned by a group of multi-national investors with a career background of investment, financial, equity and banking management.

EPL House portfolio comprises of world-class solutions and services in a wide range of industries including banks, investment companies and other financial institutions. We also serve Education, Enterprise and Government as our lateral strategy.

EPL House services portfolio comprises of strategic outsourcing, managed and professional services. We are able to support or customers’ critical business services through our strong industry-specific competencies.

We leverage “Global Delivery Center” to provide development, designing and delivery software and services solutions for our clients across the globe. We are enabled with latest technology in order to serve different markets. We positioned, collaborate and align ourselves with leading IT vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft.

When it comes to managing core banking and providing financial services, needs are usually born of the following unique challenges:

  • Maintaining compliance with industry and legal regulations
  • Maximizing current relationship values to reduce customer attrition
  • Reducing account cycle times and increasing agent productivity

Our distinguished network of clients consists of large banking institutions, financing companies, government entities and security solutions providers.

Our Objective:

To support the implementation & development projects and group functions by continuously improving EPL House business processes to deliver high quality products and services according to the selected industry quality standards, in addition to protect EPL House information assets against unauthorized use, disclosure, damage and loss.